Writing NNS Charts On Your iPad

Music notation is made simple with this shorthand system which puts chords into numbers 1 through 7 and streamlines the page into a simple and clean format. Forget about pencil, erasers and photocopy! This app combines technology with tried and tested methods; allowing user to create song charts with the ease and speed of pen and paper.

For over 60 years, the Nashville Number System has been the standard for musicians in live performance, recording sessions, and teaching environments. The published book has become required reading in many of the most prestigious music schools, including Belmont, ETSU, Lee and Liberty University, while also being required reading for anyone
before they get their first gig in music city.

This innovative app brings the must-read instructional book by Chas Williams, with well over 50,000 copies sold, into our digital age by seamlessly allowing charts to be written on your iPad!

Please give feedback of a 5 star review, or contact us directly. If you’re not happy with the app, we will issue a full refund of your purchase price and insure your issues are reviewed and fixed. You can keep your version and be notified when an update has been made.

Thank you for your business. My name is Leland and I’m on the development team along with Chas. Contact us with issues or great musical stories!

Chart Everything My Friends!!!

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