1511 comes with charts of all the songs on the CD. Click a link below for a sample, or BUY IT NOW!

1. Slide Guitar
2. The Seam
3. Claire's Pet Shop
4. Sal Mineo
5. Sugar Notch
6. Civil War
7. Gulf Coast
8. The Shuffle Board
9. Northern Pike

Back Cover:
1511 is the cd that was included with NNS Edition 6. There are 9 guitar, dobro and slide guitar instrumentals that I have written. The songs cover a wide variety, from bluegrass to rock. Included with the cd are charts of each song.

A few of the charts from the 1511 cd are pretty advanced, but they will make a lot of sense as you listen to the tunes. For instance, on songs like Civil War and The Seam, I've written charts that show pretty detailed arrangements. Claire's Pet Shop and Slide Guitar, on the other hand, are simple songs and have very basic chord charts. So, you can write chord charts for your songs with very detailed arrangements, or very simply, in order to allow musicians the freedom to apply their inspiration to your arrangement.

Below are charts of two of the songs on the CD. Click on a link to the left to listen to the song while you read along with the Chart!

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